ODK Collect Version 1.23.3 multiple select from csv

Sorry in advance if this is not the correct place to report this issue.

I have created an ODK Form which gets multiple select choices from a csv file. I have a number of multiple select questions in the same group (with field-list appearance) and getting the lists from csv file. When I select choices in the first question then select other choices in the second question, the first question is automatically hidden. This is the same for the third, fourth etc questions. This problem started when ODK Collect Version 1.23.3 was released as it was working perfectly in version 1.23.2 I have also observed the selection is a bit slow when selecting the choices in the second question and the ODK page seems to refresh.

I am attaching here an ODK design and csv files that can be used to recreate this error. To test this install Version 1.23.3 in a device and use the attached ODK Form. Same can be tested with version 1.23.2 to see the difference.
ODK-1.23.3.xlsx (29.5 KB) staff_list.csv (431 Bytes) staff_rights.csv (1.2 KB)

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Hi @hnjamba
Don't apologize it's a good place to report any problem. At first glance looks as if there is something wrong indeed. I'm going to investigate it and will let you know. We are just about to release v1.24 so if it's a bug I'll do my best to fix it ASAP.

Thanks @hnjamba
I was able to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it. It was a really tricky case! Next week we will release v1.24 which will include the fix.


v1.24 has been released and it includes a fix for the issue so please update your ODK Collect and try it.