[ODK Community] Adapting ODK Aggregate and delivering to remote servers

When you run the installer, the site-specific configuration files are all
in the war's WEB-INF/lib/ODKAggregate-settings.jar file.

In the Eclipse dev environment, this file has a different name --

And in the maven build process, the file name is of the form:
odk-...-settings-latest.jar, varying depending upon what platform is being

So as long as you remove the odk-...-settings-latest.jar and add the
ODKAggregate-settings.jar to your generated WAR, you're good to go.


ยทยทยท On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 3:50 AM, wrote:

Hi there again,

I'm also considering adapting the code for ODK Aggregate to our study.
However, since we are running ODK Aggregate off local Tomcat servers in
India and Pakistan and I am based in the UK, any ODK Aggregate "package"
generated here in the UK would need to be easily delivered to the sites
(i.e. not a huge deal of customization every time I send an upgrade). So I
was just wondering how ODK Aggregate will be deployed if I build the source
code here in London - will the final build for ODK Aggregate simply be a
WAR file they can copy into the appropriate directory locally or is it more
complicated? Do I need to customize any files to suit their server
computers (e.g. Maven settings.xml)?

Best wishes,


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Mitch Sundt
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