[ODK Community] Google fusion table client ID

Some questions that will guide you to an answer:

(1) Does Google provide a mechanism to restrict the APIs to just read-only
access (I don't think they do).

(2) How trustworthy is this other website?

If the other website were just pulling data, you could envision giving it a
restricted PPK with just read-only access to your data.

Since you "own" both your ODK Aggregate server and the Fusion Tables you
publish into, the PPK for that would typically be considered your
private-use PPK to make your infrastructure work. The fewer of these, the
easier it is to maintain your internal infrastructure, which is why we
don't have you set up a different PPK for all the different Google APIs
that the server might use -- we have one PPK with all of those capabilities
associated with it.

If the other website is "external", and not part of your internal
infrastructure, a different PPK is generally warranted. This makes it easy
to revoke / cancel that access without causing your internal operations to
come to a grinding halt.

ยทยทยท On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 9:13 PM, Jefferson Francisco < jeffersont.francisco@gmail.com> wrote:

This is a question regarding the Google Fusion Tables API

I have an ODK Aggregate on Google Apps Engine, and I publish data to
Google fusion tables.

I am pulling data from Google Fusion Tables to a website that uses Fusion
Tables as a database.

The question: Should I use the same Client ID and Public/Private Key pair
to communicate with the Fusion Table that was generated when I followed the
steps to set up publishing to Google Fusion Tables from ODK Aggregate?

Any best practices for this type of scenario would be great. I will
definitely share my experience and help anybody else with the same
situation in the future.



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