[ODK Community] How to change the character encoding type of ODK Aggregate?

UTF-8 should support Chinese character sets just fine.

This may be a display issue with your browser / computer -- does it have
the proper fonts installed?

We've tested this with the standard deployments, and Chinese and Japanese
characters display OK.


··· On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 12:14 AM, wrote:

I am using ODK Aggregate to collect some data, which may have Chinese

I setup an Aggregate on my desktop. Then I designed an XLSForm with
Chinese characters as labels, uploaded it to the Aggregate. I installed the
ODK Collect app on an android smart phone, downloaded the form. The Chinese
characters could be displayed correctly.

However, after I entered some Chinese characters in the form and uploaded
the data to the Aggregate, all the Chinese characters were displayed as "?"
on the Aggregate. I checked the data in the database of mysql, they were
"?" too.

I thought there might be character encoding problems in the system. I
remember ODK uses UTF-8, right? But to support Chinese characters, GBK or
GB18030 should be used. Two possible places are:

  1. The Aggregate decodes the data from the HTTP request of the ODK Collect
  2. The Aggregate writes the data to mysql.

So I want to know whether I can change the character encoding type of the
Aggregate and how to change it. Thanks.

Zhikun ZHAO

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