[ODK Community] I cannot use the data pre-loading feature to pull multilple instances with the same key value


It is a limitation: when there are multiple matching records, it fetches
the first one. This behavior is for lack of a better option. Which record
would you have it fetch? Your best bet is to submit a query that uniquely
identifies a record.

Short of that, you can also specify a column named "sortby" and indicate
your preferred ordering with numbers in that column. Then, the "first"
record retrieved in the case of duplicates should be the first according to
the numbers in that "sortby" column.



ยทยทยท On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 11:10 AM, Guevara Ali wrote:

One of the services we offer is case management. We usually keep a record
of every contact we make with a certain case (whether phone call, home
visit, referral, etc..). This recording is performed on ODK Collect, one
form per contact. Suppose On June 3rd, I called this case, and on June 4th
I paid them a visit, and today I'll be making another call to this case.
With data pre-loading, I was able to show a note on the form at the
beginning to see how we have contacted this case in the previous days.
Unfortunately, this feature only returned the first instance in the
attached CSV file, where the key value matched my case number. Although I
have two instances in the CSV file where key value matches the case number,
I was only able to display the first instance.

Is this a limitation of the new feature or is there a workaround to fix it?

Thank you.


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