[ODK Community] Need some advice and feedback to deploy solution based on ODK

Correction: ODK Collect does allow placement of a geopoint using the
"placement-map" appearance, available on Android 2.2 and higher.

ODK Aggregate (1.4.1 and higher) has Enketo integration. And Enketo is now
open-sourced and has a free "Enketo-Express" implementation.

The ODK tools are designed for organizations that are taking full ownership
of their servers and data, with the option of letting Google AppEngine
manage their servers for them.

Other groups, such as SurveyCTO provide hosted solutions of enhanced ODK
tools to support organizations that are less comfortable with owning and
managing their own software and hardware components.

··· On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 9:22 AM, Oné wrote:

Hi all,

I am quite new user of ODK, I tried it several times, but never spend more
time on it, as I am more familiar with CyberTracker. Few weeks ago, I had a
request from an association:

They want to have:

  • an app* easy to use* to deploy to various users
  • a form compatible with Android, but also with other OS, especially
    for people who didn't have an Android phone
  • confidential data: to have an id and password to access to the
    form and data
  • they want to record the GPS point, but also sometime to point
    another place
    (so possibility to place manually the GPS point).
    Apparently, there is only the apps GeoODK and KoboCollect which permit to
    have this function?

It will be who will install and prepare everything, then, one person will
manage data etc.

They didn't have got a dedicated server, and their server didn't support

I tried some solution:

With a Google account:

  • It is quite complex to install the first time!
  • It appear to be safe (manage account access through id)
  • Apparently, it is not possible to have directly the form in the
    explorer like Firefox, chrome...


  • it appear to be perfect, very easy to use, directly compatible with
    explorer like Firefox, chrome
  • but apparently, it is not possible to put a restriction (with id and
  • sometime, it is very slow to access to it


  • It is paid service, so for the moment, for this association, it is
    not a possibility

So if there is people who are common with ODK, can you confirm or not my
previous analysis? Are you agree with what I tried?

Is there any solution equivalent to FormHub, but faster and with Id and
password protection?

What it the better way to have possibility to record Geopoint different
than the GPS position? (possibility to point it on the map)

Thanks for your help,


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