[ODK Community] ODK build suggestions for improvement

Unfortunately, the XForms specification was never geared toward randomized
orderings of questions, so (1) and (2) are not feasible because of the
platform upon which ODK Collect was built.

w.r.t. (3), this could be an interesting feature. created an issue for
this: http://code.google.com/p/opendatakit/issues/detail?id=772
w.r.t. (4), also an interesting feature. Created an issue for this:

(5)-(7) the way to do things like this is with relevance conditions in
XForms. There is no concept of a flow chart in the standard, and, in fact,
the sequential presentation of data done by ODK Collect is completely
non-standard. The original spec was intended to describe one page of data
presented to the user all at once.

ODK Survey, now in alpha, could be expanded to support all of these
features, as the control of the presentation of the form is entirely in
javascript. The javascript is still in flux, so it wouldn't make sense to
start hacking it now, but it is something to consider in the future. I've
created an issue for all of these on ODK Survey:


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Great work done on ODK build! I have some suggestions for making this tool
even more powerful and able to manage complex surveys. I don't know if some
these suggestions are possible or already supported.

  1. Option for randomizing list of answers for a question.

  2. Option for randomizing group of questions.

  3. Option for number of answers allowed in multiple questions.
    Q1: Choose the two most important reasons from the following list?

  4. Option for exclusive answers in multiple questions (answers like "Don't
    know" or "None of the above" that can only be selected alone).

  5. Option for terminating the interview based on the answers given in a

  6. Use of "go to" or "jump" to another question if a rule is satisfied.

  7. Option for skipping or showing only answers given in previous question
    (apply for questions with the same list of answers)
    Example 1:
    Q1: Which countries have you ever visited?
    Q2: Which of these did you like the most? (only selection between
    countries the respondent visited)

Example 2:
Q1: Which is your favourite colour?
Q2: What other colours do you like? (favourite colour must be skipped in

Thank you in advance.


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Mitch Sundt
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