[ODK Community] Re: Characters not appearing in CSV file


I'm not sure if this solution will work for you, but our project in
Mongolia ran into this issue - cyrillic characters of a non-standard set
would not show in downloaded .csv. It had something to do with unicode but
I don't remember the exact thing.

For us, the solution involved saving directly to a directory, then opening
in OpenOffice (Freely downloadable http://www.openoffice.org/ replacement
for MS Office). For some reason the encoding set available there is less
finicky. *We had to save first as .txt file, then rename as .csv,
playing around with this order of operations. *

You could also try to open in FusionTables to see if the encoding is still
there - if it is then, the problem is definitely with excel.

Here is what Microsoft has on the subject:

I hope that helps.

ยทยทยท On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 7:00 PM, wrote:

Hi everyone,
I am experiencing the same problem as Richard. I am using a Chinese
version of the device. Chinese charactors appear correctly in mobile device
and online database, but appear as"???" or "null" after exported to exel as
CSV. I can't choose other file type during the export. Thhis is really
holding back my project progress. Anyone know the solution? Thank you!


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