[ODK Community] Setup Aggregate redirect issue

Your terminology is not quite right.

It is likely that your administrator has either:

(1) configured a proxy to redirect traffic sent to
(2) set up a Tomcat6 server for you on http://data.name.org under the
/apps/survey/mobile path (less likely)

In either case, use the DNS name http://data.name.org

It is likely that you will need to modify the Tomcat configuration's
appBase or docBase to specify the /apps/survey/ path, or perhaps the
/apps/survey/mobile path.

Remember to restart the server when you make these changes.

Once restarted, test that the path is correct by exporting a form with an
image as a CSV. Then test that the link to that image does correctly point
to your server. If you don't have the configuration correct, it would
likely point to http://data.name.org/binaryData

ยทยทยท ----------- DNS names don't have slashes. A DNS name is something like:



On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 6:24 AM, Andre Mommert andremommert@gmail.com wrote:


I installed Tomcat6 on my own server. Now I got the DNS name from the
administrator (http://data.name.org/apps/survey/mobile/)
What should I enter in "Internet-visible IP address or DNS name"? The main
domain (http://data.name.org) points to another server.


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Mitch Sundt
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