[ODK Community] Submitted forms not viewable on ODK Aggregate via browser although accessible via Briefcase

Yes, if your internet connection is slow, you could definitely be hitting
the 60-second limit for web page display.

On the submissions tab, on the left side, there is a 'Submissions per page'
box, with a default value of '100'.

Try changing this to '10' or even '1' to see if you get data to display.
This changes the number of rows (submissions) to display on a page. The
fewer submissions, the faster the page should display.


··· On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 5:41 AM, wrote:

We are using ODK Aggregate with the Google App Engine and it was working
fine during testing. Now that we are receiving data from the field, we are
able to download forms via Briefcase but Aggregate does not load completely
in the browser, showing only a blank area instead of the submitted forms.
We only have this problem with the household questionnaire. For the
community level questionnaire where there are fewer submitted forms, they
load slowly but we can eventually see them Aggregate.
I saw in a previous question that there is a 60 second download limit on
Google App Engine. Could it be that we are unable to view the household
submitted forms because they cannot be displayed within the time limit
given our slow internet connection?
If so, is there any work around? We can download the data via Briefcase,
but I would like to delete several of the submitted forms that were sent as
tests so they don't get confused with the rest of our data.
Thank you,

(Apologies if this topic was posted twice, it seemed not to be posted the
first time)


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Mitch Sundt
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