ODK data into sql server

I am having exported the data using ODK briefcase into CSV. Can we use import data from CSV file data into sql server by using import/export wizard and store the data in sql server database???

on more question is I have form that is in spanish but when i exported into CSV i am receiving accent marks for some characters.How to resolve this?????

Hello, yes it’s possible to import csv file into sql server.
For the second question what do you mean by accents mark, could you make a capture of the problem, pleas?

Here are some of those capture. Our forms data is spanish and there is no default language setting in my forms.

This is a Unicode problem and I'm not sure where in your pipeline it's happening.

First look at your CSV in a text editor with good unicode support (e.g., https://notepad-plus-plus.org) to confirm that the data you are importing is Unicode. If it is, then the problem is in your database.

I'm not familiar with SQL Server, but my guess is that the tables you created don't have Unicode support.

The above data is from CSV file.

@sammy_2018 Your response is unclear.

When you look at the CSV data in a Notepad++, does it have the correct accents or does it have the broken ones you posted in the image?

Do you see the correct accents when you view the data online in a web browser when you logged into your ODK server (e.g., ODK Aggregate)

Thank you so much for your response @yanokwa
I am so sorry for my unclear response.

I am quiet new to this ODK tool. I am trying to understand the tool inorder to retrieve the data from it.
The incorrect accents are coming when I am directly exporting the data from ODK aggregate and opening the file directly in excel as opposed to importing the file in excel.

Yes I am able see the the correct in notepad and in web broswer.
If i use ODK briefcase and extract the data. then I am not seeing that weird accents marks..

one more question I have form question aout the dateofbirth if the household members by selecting the date from the calender.
problem: The format of date in xml file looking good but the date format CSV file is coming as
MONTH DAY,YEAR. so year is coming in different column

Is there any to get the date in the format MONTH-DAY-YEAR format???

I hope I am clear this time.

@sammy_2018 Excel doesn't do well with Unicode CSVs if you try to import them directly. See How do i change data font in ODK survey for some steps to try.

As to the date format question, see Date format on Aggregate for an answer.

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