[ODK Developers] Looking for html player

The core functionality of the survey collection logic is entirely
Javascript with W3C SQL database. So the core code will run within Chrome,
but not Firefox or IE.

We do much of our developing of the Javascript in Chrome.

What is lacking from the core Javascript is a mechanism to download forms
from a server or submit completed data to a server. There are likely to be
2 different download and submission paths, one for ODK 1.0 backward
compatibiility, one for ODK 2.0 functionality. For now, these are written
in Java and provided by the ODK Survey container.


ยทยทยท On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 7:42 AM, Prasad Thorat wrote:

On this link i was able to play survey on html :
http://ec2-50-16-84-43.compute-1.amazonaws.com/xlsform/2/. I want to know
whether similar play is available in odk open source.

Mitch Sundt
Software Engineer
University of Washington