ODK error message

1. I get error note when trying to reach Form in ODK. Form is working properly on desktop.

2. Android, Samsung A70.

3. I haven't tried anything, I don't know what should I fix, probably in code

4. Please review a error message and form code

5. Error message and form attachedCompetitivenes Reinforcement Initiative - JORDAN - v2.0.xlsx (28.0 KB)


Thanks a lot.

Good Morning Igor and welcome to the ODK community forum.

I get a lot of error from xlsform online when trying to transform your form to xml. How did you git the xml version of your form ?

A lot of item have the same name.
Maybe you could try to create a repeat for the 35 crop you want to describe for each plot location. It will be easier to manage the form (ex. add a new crop, name 30 item with different names) and will make data analysis easier too.
So for the moment it is impossible to reproduce the error you get.

I read on your introduction that you are running Kobo so my warnings are maybe not relevant... but I don't know kobo.
Let's get other advices :wink:

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Hello Mathieu,

that was very fast and helpful. But unfortunately I'm not an expert in coding (still can't believe I did this form that works at all). So let me clarify, you suggest to erase choose_many option in crop question and to have only integer question, and than repeat question for every inserted crop with following questions?

Thanks a lot.

Isn't that the same? KoBoToolbox and ODK?

Here a simplification of your form, as a test, not the truth :slight_smile: But with this repeat over crop list you will have to manage only one name for each item.
I had to rename 2 "function" elements. Elements can't share a same name because ODK will not be able to know which one you refer to when using ${function} . I create firm_function and gvt_function.
Repeat description over crop list will.
Competitivenes Reinforcement Initiative - JORDAN - v2.0.xlsx (17.0 KB)
Your form is very inspiring for a project we have here in south France with wine growers and other farmers :slight_smile:

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Again, thanks a lot. Looks like you know what you are talking about, but still..now I have option to pick only one crop per plot, and additional questions doesn't appear after I select crop but rather they are there immediately (that could confuse person which populate date).

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And yes...thanks for that function correction, I haven't realized I had two same names.

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I understand.
You have another option to loop inside the crop repeat until the user select "no more crop" :

Maybe first start with your version and upgrade the form if needed later.
Start with your version, You will be able o upgrade it.

I-m sorry, but I don't understand that.

Sorry if I introduced some confusion. The post is a bit tricky if you start using xlsform. Instead of asking the user if he want to describe a new crop, the crop list (select_one) appears again and again until the user "say stop". It make use of a test in the repeat_count column.

Once again you can start with all the crops already visible in the form. And upgrade the form later if needed.

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