Odk external app compass


I am looking for a android compass app who can be used with the external.app feature of odk collect.

My use case :
In my xlsform, i have a list (select_one) of point destination (for fill the form about this selected point). For each point, i have the lat/lon in the choice sheet (i get this values with the 'instance' function). So, when i select a point, i got the lat lon in a note question.

Actually, the user need to copy the lat lon in a paper for paste it in a compass app for walk to the point (actualy gps compass navigator was used, or waypoint finder).

My question is : can i propose to open an android compass app directly from odk with the lat lon comming from the 'intent' message ?

Another similar question : how can i see if app can be call with intent message ? Only by unzip the jar of this app ?

Thank you !

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Very interesting question that is not already resolved by the community..
Any one has an idea?

Have you read through What is the best way to help direct data collectors to a destination??

You may also be interested in the new select one from map functionality which is currently in beta. It might let you combine the selection and navigation steps. It does not currently display device compass orientation but if a user knows where north is, they can use the crosshairs to navigate. It's also possible to do things like walk ~10ft and watch the crosshairs to get oriented.

All the apps that I'm aware of that can help with wayfinding are in the thread I linked to above.

If it's intended to be a way that an app is used, it will be documented. If it's not documented, I wouldn't recommend relying on it.