ODK folder is not being created

Why ODK folder is not being created after installing the ODK application on an android device? Please help me.

Hi @Kehabtimer
Are you getting any error? Recently we have started using Scoped Storage that means we use the app-specific directory which now is in /Android/data/org.odk.collect.android/files/ so maybe that's the reason why you created this topic?

Thanks for the response. Therefore, where shall I paste the XML file which is sent to me to be pasted in the odk folder ==> forms in order to enable me to collect the data.

If you used to do that via USB you should be able to see that Android dir then data ->
org.odk.collect.android -> files
If it doesn't work you can use adb https://docs.getodk.org/collect-adb/

Thank you, it is fixed