ODK for biomass recording

Hi all

I would like to ask if anyone out there is using ODK for biomass recording
and would be open to sharing ODK forms. We have been producing some quite
complex forms already for disturbance assessment, well-being and more
recently hunting, fishing etc. that are quite specific to our project. But
with biomass there is a set methodology and I would not want to re invent
the wheel, so I am looking to learn from others in the best way to approach
an ODK form schema.

For background on what we are planning - we are looking for each tree in a
plot to be measured, the circumference of the stem (a number in cm) and, if
known, the species name of the tree (options list + other specify) as well
as common things like: Date, Village, Minab age, Plot number, Soil type
(options), Surrounding vegetation (options) etc.

This will be within a 30 x 33.3m plot (0.1 ha) and all trees equal or
bigger than 10 cm diameter are measured and named. And within the 0.1 ha
plot there’s a 6x33.3m subplot (0.02 ha) in which also trees with diameter
between 5-10cm are measured and named.

We are using the Samsung galaxy Extreme Xcover which seems OK for battery
life, but we are not sure how long this type of recording activity will
take and if there are ways to use paper recording while measuring and then
transfer all at once on to ODK - so also looking for some best practice in
the field as well.

Any help appreciated