ODK form change font and size of group label

hi to all ,
i am trying to change the font color and size of group label its not working
.. i even used the html tags for it but nothing to display.. can anyone help me how i can change this

secondly i have groups in the form. when user start survey i want to hide/unexpand all questions in start its up-to the user which group he can expand and make submissions.

Hi @Jibran_Sohail

did you investigate this doc https://docs.opendatakit.org/form-styling
There is even a sample form attached there: MarkdownExamples.xlsx (26.4 KB)

For me it works well.

In order to hide groups, you can use relevant column. There is no option to expand/unexpand them just show and hide using the option I mentioned.

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Hi all
I have reviewed https://docs.opendatakit.org/form-styling and multiples examples online, but all of them refer to "note", "select_one", etc, but NOT to lines with type ="begin group".
Anybody has managed to style of labels for BEGIN GROUP lines?
Thanks in advance

Hi @sharuco
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Styling group labels is not possible. I haven't heard anyone complaining about it before but still I think it's an issue so I reported it:

Thanks for letting us know about it, we will try to fix it.


Hi @Grzesiek2010
I encounter the same issue, how soon can this be resolved?

Hi @NatnaelAndachew
welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself here!

Nothing has changed so it's still not possible. There is an issue which I reported but we haven't decided whether to implement such a possibility or not.

Thank you very much @Grzesiek2010
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Group labels can be styled starting in ODK Collect v2022.3.0. I believe @Jibran_Sohail's original question was about Enketo, though, and group label styling is not supported there yet.