ODK form quality check dashboard


We have recently developed a dashboard in Qlik Sense (free desktop version compatible) which loads in ODK forms (xls or xlsx format) and flags potential form quality markers such as:

  • Missing translations in hints, labels or messages
  • Missing constraints in text fields (should almost always restrict for special characters)
  • Missing constraints in integer, decimal, and date fields (should almost always have a max and min)

Summary information about the frequency of different question types is also included. This is not a validation tool to search for bugs as those tools already exist but rather a simple tool for running quality checks prior to publication and one which can be quite easily customized to meet the needs of the individual user. It has saved us huge amounts of time so we hope to soon finish work on the dashboard and share online.
Questions, ideas and feedback are very much welcome.

It is planned to release a beta version this month (I will upload to this thread). Below is a screenshot of the summary screen and a second screen highlighting a question with a quality flag in red.