ODK form title in other language showing as ? in aggregate and collect get blank forms list

I wanted to give form title is Hindi language instead of english , in xlsform I give 'Monthly Reporting (मासिक रिपोर्टिंग)' in form_title in settings .
When I convert it to xlm and upload to aggregate the hindi part of name is showing just as 'Monthly Reporting (????? ??????????)' in both aggregate and collect app get blank forms list.
Its showing fine in fill blank form in collect app.

I am using v2.0.5 Aggregate

Please suggest any solution.

Hi @Adarsh_Bisht
could you attach your form so that we can test it?

form.xlsx (77.1 KB)

Please find attached the form

There might be something wrong with your fork (I see you have your own customized app) because in the original app it looks fine:

Hi, Only the images of the collect app are customized , but even the aggregate is also showing same thing which is not customized at all.

This is a Unicode issue, @Adarsh_Bisht. You likely don't have the underlying MySQL database that Aggregate uses configured properly. See Enter/Input Bangla text in ODK Collect for an example of what your mysqld config should look like.

That was it ,Thanks !!