ODK form upload error

When I am going to upload a new form in ODK its show attached error. But when I am upload it in Kobo then its ok. I create xml from XLSForm Online v1.x.
HTTP Status 500.docx (15.4 KB)

When you can, I encourage you to check out ODK Central. Most people have found it much easier to install and use. It's also being actively developed and improved.

Are there are errors when you convert the form using XSLForm Online v2.x? Can you share your XLSForm here?

I am using ODK old version server so I am using XLSForm Online v1.x. I also upload two more form by using these way. Here I attached the XLSForm.SUFAL_Intervention_plan_4.0_demo.xlsx (233.7 KB)

Maybe the problem is that on column bind::odk:length you added quick in rows 36-38.

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Thanks problem solved.