ODK @ FOSDEM 2018 Brussels?

The Call for Participation for FOSDEM 2018 in Brussels, 3-4 February 2018, has recently been posted! A couple questions:

  1. Is anyone interested in attending? (FOSDEM is free of charge although one must get to Brussels!)
  2. Is anyone interested in trying to submit a team presentation or lightning talk about ODK? (I haven't yet looked through all of the possibly relevant devrooms.)
  3. Is anyone interested in an ODK meetup on evening during the event? (Or as @jamesknight calls it, an "ODK Collect"!)

Reply here if you think you might be interested in any of the above!



I've checked plane tickets and housing and it's something that I would be interested in :slight_smile:

Once there, I'd try to squeeze a session about ODK and a meetup for sure! :slight_smile:


Good morning everyone,

Not sure that a user presentation would be relevant in such a conference, but if you think I'm wrong it could be possible to present our use of ODK Collect in the ecology field, with external data loading and geographic object collected to feed our PostgreSQL/PostGIS database



I'm there for sure, and would love to contribute to a talk or presentation. I'm not familiar with the content of FOSDEM—I'll take a look at past events and see what sorts of things people talk about.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Brussels!

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Will be great to have you all there.

I'm curious what you think might be the best fit of these rooms for an ODK talk ... any strong ideas?

We could also go for a lightning talk, but they are only 15 minutes long and we'd have to be very succinct.

Would love to hear what you all (or others) think!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to re-confirm that I'll be at FOSDEM this year and speaking in the main track on Sunday about our DIAL Open Source Center and the projects we work with. (Including ODK!)

@ggalmazor @mathieubossaert @jknightco @Lieke -- or others! -- wondering if any of you might be thinking about attending in Brussels! If so, we might meet up at some point. If so, we could add a meetup on the FOSDEM Fringe page: https://fosdem.org/2018/fringe/

Hi downey,

finally I will not attend in Brussels FOSDEM. It should have been a good opportunity to meet some of you but I'm affraid the conference will be to much hard to follow for me, as a simple spatial database manager...

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Thanks for the invite @downey!
Although your talk about the DIAL Open Source Centre looks very interesting and it would indeed be a good opportunity to meet some people from the ODK community, I'm afraid the conference is a bit too technical for me beyond that. Maybe next time!