ODK, in xlsform how to validate if there is a record in a csv file

What's up, I hope you can help me. I need to validate if an entry in the form exists in an attached csv file. Thank you


Hi @leoflix
could you provide a sample form with a csv file ideally that we could just improve for you not build from scratch?

Good afternoon Grzesiek2010, I attach the form and the csv file.

The column that I need to validate is "idcuenta".

I look forward to any help, thank you very much.

cat_gdl-.xlsx (24.3 KB) gdlcat_1.csv (36.0 KB)


So you have a number question idcuenta where a user enters a value and you want to confirm whether such a value exists in your csv file?

It is right. The purpose is that it does not allow the screen to move forward when the entered idcuenta value does not exist.

Thank you!

Ok I see. Please try this sample form:pulldata.xlsx (5.5 KB) with the csv file you attached.


It worked very well. Thank you Grzesiek2010


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