ODK learning videos

how can we participate, and second, is there any source to find ODK learning videos? if it is available please share its link with me

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I am planning to make ODK learning videos , but as i am not from android background my focus will be on ODK forms not on programming part. @yanokwa, i want your help in making of learning videos as you own a very good experience and you better know how a newbee can learn to make forms on ODK.

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I'm limited in how much help I can provide, but there are a lot of people in the community who know how to design forms!

Instead of starting by making videos, perhaps you can start by finding and sharing the most useful ODK learning videos you can find on https://www.youtube.com, finding where the gaps are, and then making videos that would fill those gaps.


Stalker, it would be the best way and the best solution for learning ODK

Dear yanokwa!
youtube has a very less numbers of video on ODK, and that can not respond to the needs of new users, there many sources and apps working for mobile data collection, for example, if you go to youbute and search for appsheet (mobile data collection app), it has complete learning videos there, so re recommend video learning for odk as well.

Hi all ,
@Mansour @yanokwa , Please find out a link below of a video:

I am making a script so i can upload video in that series, this video is not make by me, this video made by @rfletch0.

ok, thank you so much, but please prepare a video on odk build, I created many forms on odk build, it s type is CSV, now when I press (get blank form) it give massage that file type is not xml, and wen I open this form on my compute, it is blank, no question is available there, so, I do.
and generally, if you guid me on what should we have to work with odk (converter, designer, viewer, and other applications).
thanks for your help and support

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I never used ODK build for make form, i always use Excel and with the help of excel i make my forms and then i convert my forms into XML this never much easy to me.
Your things has been noted in my agenda but these can be done by after 3 months because i am busy in a project for next 2 months .
However, i am making a proper lesson for a beginner and that will launch in next months (Sept 2017 or Oct 2017). I wil lcover all things from basic in that.


Hi all,
I made a video on ODK Aggregate. How to setup ODK aggregate on google cloud and it's uploaded on youtube. Below is the link:

Willing for your valuable inputs.


Nice working sir
Next Video When upload ?

Its like i am trying to make videos. I don't have proper setup for video so i need to wake up early in the morning for making video so background noise will be less and i can make a good video. One more thing which i am taking care is of length of video i want to make a video of less than 5 minutes so editing is also time consuming.
Thanks for poking me you will get something on this weekend. It's a great pleasure that someone is waiting for my video please subscribe my YouTube channel so as soon.
Please subscribe my channel for latest updates on ODK.


your video fulfill all our concept related to topic.sir please start
online class system and i also provide any thing or donate something for
this purpose if you want because i want to do for human purpose.

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We both can start doing work in this online class system is good idea we need to make a index and then i will start doing making ng video on weekends.


Below is a short video in which you can learn how can you connect your android phone and project that on computer screen.


A new Video on How to create an ODK form with help of Excel.

Looking forward to your feedback on this video.


Hi all,
My new video on ODK, How to enter a string/text in ODK.

Looking forward for your feedback.

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One more video this time it is about calculation in ODK.