ODK Publish to JSON Server stops working unexpectedly

We configured ODK Aggregate to Publish data to a data exchange server based on OpenHIM. The data is published successfully. However, as more data comes in, after a while (unspecific time), the publisher stops publishing. The status is still active but new data is not published through.
What can we do to prevent the publisher from stalling? Your suggestion or assistance is highly welcome?

We are using ODK Aggregate v2.0.5. The operating system is Ubuntu 18.04

Temporary solution:
We have had to create a new republish function whenever the current one stalls. We then delete the old one.


This screenshot shows that data for up to March 10, 2021 exists.

However, the next screenshot shows that the last record to be published through was submitted on Mar 09, 2021.

This clearly shows that the publish functionality is stalled even though the status is ACTIVE. Kindly, may someone assist. Any information will be truly appreciated.

Aggregate is no longer being updated, if possible you should consider switching to Central.

I think the publish functionality might be active, and the problem could be with your data exchange server?

When the downstream server fails to respond or responds with an error code, ODK Aggregate first delays a re-send for 60 seconds, and, if that also fails, it then backs off its publishing attempts, and will re-send at either 7.5-minute or 15-minute intervals until the downstream service successfully responds, after which ODK Aggregate will resume its normal publishing behavior.

Thank you for your response @danbjoseph.

ODK aggregate doesn't see new list of forms yet the cache is updated. The problem is on the aggregate side because the data exchange server doesn't get new published data.

ODK aggregate publisher doesn't see new forms therefore it doesn't send any.