ODK restriction features

Hello everybody!

I’m interested in ODK but don’t have friends who use these functionalities, and I am confused on a few things, I hope you guys can help me!

I’ve tried the Android collect App and it looks great. Are the submissions authenticated/can anonymous people answer? Would aggregate list their usernames when exporting answers?

By reading the tutorials I got kind of confused. Is the openmapkit App necessary to use collect? Can’t the collect App get location by itself?

In terms of the restrictions, I understand that it’s possible to have conditional forms where questions depend on answers. Are there any restrictions like restricting a Survey to a region on the map, or to some users (like a group of friends), that I can apply?

Hello Friend , this is an apps where researcher collects data or they hire someone for colleting data for research purpose. After collecting data they sent data on server and from server they download that data into csv format / google table and then do analysis.
There are many features in this, also this saves a lot time because of conditions mainly this will do survey.
ODK Collect is replacing Paper Survey in whole over the world.
@Ja_S Did you get my point?


I did, thanks Narendraa! It makes more sense now

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