ODK tools for XForm XML markup building

Hi guys

I'm new to ODK and form building, and I'm developing custom form management system with manual form builder (something like Kobo's KPI), that can produce ODK XForms XML markup.

I'd like to find some JS library that provides ODK form building components and extracts data to XML format (like ODK Build does, but without need to deploy whole project).

Or maybe something that can convert JSON structure to ODK XForms.
But it seems there is no JSON specification convertable to ODK XForms format, isn't it?

Well, in general I'm trying to find an easiest way to build XForms markup from web componets or some less complicated structures :slight_smile:

Hi @lexvs, welcome to the forum! Feel free to introduce yourself in the Welcome thread!

ODK Build saves the form definition to a custom JSON format, but that's not a recognised standard.

What you're saying reminds me of the frictionless datapackage JSON spec (a recognised standard), which defines a data table layout, but lacks a form definition.

There's Enketo rendering a form spec to a web form, Collect doing the same on Android, @Xiphware has an iOS port, and Central uses Enketo to render an existing submission (record) as a browser editable been form for submission edits.

The two standards XForms and XLSForm are not completely identical in features, but if they were, there could be a common ground with a corresponding implementation in the frictionless datapackage spec. If this sounds like a lot of communication, collaboration and negotiation, it's because it might well be :wink:

The core team and others here might have a vision for a combination/integration of all of the above in the shape of a new form builder.