ODK Used For Expanding Financial Services for the Poor

Peter Fleming from Bankable Frontier Associates
(http://www.bankablefrontier.com) is using ODK to conduct surveys that
support their clients in their efforts to expand financial services to
the poor.

He writes, “We’re using 16 Huawei Android IDEOS ($90 each from
Safaricom, they come unlocked). I was a bit worried about using such
cheap phones, but they have been perfect so far (2 weeks), and have
collected more than 10,000 short surveys/census with GPS, without a
single glitch.

In Airplane Mode, the batteries last for 2 full days of data
collection. You could compare these IDEOS to the HTC Magic, just a bit
smaller and cheaper. I would highly recommend them if someone is
looking for a cheap unlocked Android without a QWERTY keyboard.

Thanks for your tireless work on ODK — it’s improving our data quality
and is changing our lives!”