ODK validate errors

I am having trouble publishing a form on our website. I keep hitting an error in odk validate. I have found that it hits this error when the returncode is 1.
I can not find what returncode 1 means but I believe it is related to permissions or ACLs. I have reconfigured the permissions on my directories to no avail.
Please see snapshot from log below. I added a print statement to ODK_validate’s init.py file to get the error code as shown below.
if timeout:
return ["XForm took to long to completely validate."]
if returncode > 0: # Error invalid
print ('return code:', returncode)
raise ODKValidateError(
'ODK Validate Errors:\n' + _cleanup_errors(stderr))
elif returncode == 0:
if stderr:
warnings.append('ODK Validate Warnings:\n' + stderr)
return warnings
elif returncode < 0:
return ["Bad return code from ODK Validate."]

System details:
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Web framework: Django 1.8.7
Database server: postgresql 9.3.21
Web server: nginx (running in conjunction with uwsgi)
ODK validate 1.4.9

Please assist, how can I avoid this error.

That screenshot does not seem to include the actual Validate error but rather some json from the system you are using.

Validate is a Java program and doesn't have an init.py file so you are probably using a wrapper around it. Can you please run Validate on its own (https://opendatakit.org/software/odk1/#odk-validate) and report what errors you get? Your form is most likely not valid.

If the problem is related to permissions then that doesn't sound like an ODK problem and you'll have to look at other parts of your system.