ODK versions

Hi !!
I'm very new in ODK world and I am going to work on ODK as my thesis subject.

I read the ODK and ODK 2 official documentation but I still have a basic question.
My question is :

What are ODK 1.x versions ?
And what are ODK 2.x versions ?

The official documentations don't give this information.

Look on below link might be this will helpful for you.


Thanks @iamnarendrasingh for your answer.
But My need now is not to download.

I just want to know what are differents versions of ODK 1 and what are differents versions of ODK 2.

For instance, just tell me ODK 1 has tree versions : ODK 1.1, ODK 1.2, ODK 1.3 ....
And ODK 2 has for example 4 versions : ODK 2.0, ODK 2.1, ODK 2.3 and ODK 2.4

I don't know if my question is quiet clear now ?

@yanokwa can you have answer me, please ?

There is no ODK 1 and ODK 2. There is the ODK suite of tools and ODK-X (formerly ODK 2.0 or ODK 2) suite of tools. In each suite, there are tools whose names start with ODK or ODK-X. Each of those tools is versioned semantically (e.g., ODK Collect v1.22.4).

https://opendatakit.org/software/ has the overview of the differences in the suites. The specific tools in each suite can be found at https://opendatakit.org/software/odk/ and https://opendatakit.org/software/odk-x/.

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@yanokwa Thank you too much for your answer, it now more clear to me.
I already know the components of each suite (ODK and ODK-X).
I think that the change of ODK-2.0 to ODK-X is very recent, because I read the official book on January of this year (2019) and it still was ODK-2.0.

Now, my next task will be to know the latest versions of components of each suite.

(Sorry for my English, I'm French-speaker)