ODKBuild multiple instance probem

When I have multiple instances of ODKBuild open, saving the file in one instance writes the file with the filename from another open instance and destroys the other file.

I'm using ODKBuild 0.3.3 on Windows7 64bit.

To reproduce - launch odkbuild (instance1) and open file1. Launch odkbuild again (instance2) and open file2. Edit file2 and save. file2 gets saved with file1's name and overwrites file1. This leaves me with two copies of file1 and no copies of file2

Currently I am only using one instance to avoid the problem ( and I started using version control which I really should have done a long time ago! )

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This definitely sounds like a bug, @marko. @issa can you help when you get a moment?

Yeah, that sounds like a bug. I shall take a look this week.

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Okay, it took me until the following week—sorry. I do have a fix but I can't build a test version for you to try until I am home on a windows machine.

No problem, I will test when it is ready. Thanks

Hey Marko: I'm sorry it took so long to get back around to this; please take a look at the prerelease version here and let me know if it works better for you.

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Thanks Clint,

that build is good.

On a minor note, version 0.3.4 reports that a newer version is available for download (0.3.3)