Offline errors

I am from Ethiopia, I want to collect my data using ODK and i was develop an excel sheet and i ant to use the ODK brief case for converting to XLS format but the brief case said
ODK XLSForm Offline Errors: [row : 3] List name not in choices sheet: region. so what shall i do?

Hi @amen13
if you use excel the form is already in xls format, you need to convert it to xml using, not Briefcase.

I am guessing that you are trying to convert an XLSForm using the Offline converter?
The error tells you that line 3 of your spreadsheet is stopping the conversion.
Upload the spreadsheet so people can have a look and help you.
It looks like, on line 3 you are using a "select_one XYZ" or similar (where XYZ is the name of a choices list) but there is no choices list (on the choices tab) with that name perhaps?

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Agreed with @DavidM You need to check your Choices sheet and under list_name enter region and populate as needed for name and label