Open with Enketo in ODK Central a form which contains QR Code functionality

Hello everyone,

I've programmed a form with QR Code scan functionality and data have been collected. I wanted to modify data collected and open it with Enketo in ODK Central but i've got errors. I don't know if it's not possible to open form with QR Code scan with Enketo. If someone has a solution he can help

Hi @tsissam

What error message are you getting?

Hi @Ronald_Munjoma this is my screen. If i open forms which have not QR Code functionality i don't have errors but only forms which have QR Code functionality give this error.

Hi @tsissam

Are you preloading from CSV? The main error message is CSV column heading "list name" cannot be turned into a valid XML element

Are you in a position to share your form or a sub section of the form for testing?