Option restriction in following questions

Want to create option control. Hide options in next question if chosen previously
If primary occupation options (select one choice) selected, then it should not be reflected in secondary occupation options (select multiple) (This has same options as primary occupation)
Primary-Secondary Occupation.xlsx (10.6 KB)

You first have to make the occupation unique in the choices sheet. Then in the second question and third questions should look like this :select_multiple occupation;select_multiple occupation.
Then next thing to do is to create a choice_filter column:
In the variable secondaryoccupation: you type not(selected(${primaryoccupation},name)) in the choice_filter column.
Samething applies to the tertiary occupation but with this code:not(selected(${primaryoccupation},name)) and not(selected(${secondaryoccupation},name))
Test_choice filter.xlsx (11.0 KB)
Attached is the solution to your request

Additional hint: You could use one common choice_list, instead of your 4 identical ones.

Thanks a ton. Made my day