Organize meetups in your area

The forum is great but sometimes it's nice to meet people IRL.

Post here to let others know about your success stories or challenges when organizing local meetups that involve learning/teaching/sharing ODK.

To actually organize a meetup you can try posting to the Community > Local category!

It would also be useful to have a meetup guide that includes things like details on appropriate venues, invitation templates, etc.

Hi, This is a great idea and I will be more than happy to take part in such an event. I would like to add something with this. Is there any chance, that we may meet up and set a kind of knowledge sharing session too. For instance, some users have an issue with installation on tomcat, some users do not know many advanced things. So the idea is if we can organize some sort of session locally or even regionally, that will be great and helpful. As users will learn more about ODK, the load on trouble shooting will be less and the developers will find more time to improve ODK core functionalities.