Original questions text in ODK Central instead of variable names


Since ODK central deals with source forms more densely than aggregate, I am wondering if you could show the actual questions text in the dashboard table, instead of the variable names? Although I can change the variables names to questions text manually in visualization tool (like GDS), but still its better that it gets done on the central dashboard. What do you think? Should not be a big technical challenge.


I was asking @Matthew_White about something related to this on the Block 13 release criteria. Showing the label (instead of just the name) will be in a future release, but they are not sure when yet.

We'd like to add the field label, but that will probably come in a future release. (There are multiple use cases in which providing access to field labels over the API would be useful, but that probably won't happen as part of v1.3.) For the values of select fields, I think for now, we'll again display names instead of labels. I think displaying labels for those at some point would be great. Once we start displaying labels, we'll definitely need to figure out what logic to implement around multi-lingual forms.

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