Persistent Data on the Field


I am behind a solution to my question regarding ODK.

Do we have available today some way to keep data collected in a form field as persistent data?

How would it be?

I have to fill in my forms whenever I add the same information to each form filling, in my situation
I collect the geographic coordinate of several energy poles from the local power company.

One of the information I always have to inform in a field that I call CSC Code (this code is composed of sequences of letters and numbers), and repeats every street, avenue, etc ...
Whenever I collect data from a street post, the code will be repeated, if the collection happens to be from another street, the code should change.

Another field I always need to report to each collection is the name of the street on which this collected point is located. Then each street will be repeated in the field filling several times, until the collection is made on the next street.

I need to create a rule that always keeps in the fill field the previous value collected, until I want to enter new data. (Important that this information remain in the field, of a new form even sending the previous form to server).

I appreciate from now, any help.



Hi @mariolrosado

These two feature requests might be of interest to you:

1. Remembering previously entered value in ODK collect
2. Automatic default selection



I've been looking in detail at the two solutions you've given me.

The first solution seems to be the most appropriate, however how could I implement this in preparing my form?
Im a beginners regarding the use of the ODK tool.
Any help is welcome.

Thank you very much.

Neither solution has been implemented and when they do get built the relevant threads in Features will be updated.

If you are a developer (or know other developers), the best way to speed that process is to contribute code. If you aren't a developer, contribute to other parts of ODK (help others on the forum, file bug reports, improve translations, etc) and that will enable the core team to focus on building features faster.

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