Pmix - a tool for translation management, xlsform diffing, and more

Pmix is a Python3 command line tool authored primarily @jpringle at PMA2020. I can't emphasize enough how useful this tool has been for us for form development, and I realize now that others might be able to take advantage of some of its features.

Most notable features

  • Translation management
    • From 1 or more XlsForms, create a new tabulated translations spreadsheet. Helpful to find sort out what's missing, send to translators, or to upload to a translation management tool such as Transifex.
    • Merge in translations from a tabulated translations spreadsheet.
    • Merge in translations from one XlsForm into another.
  • Xlsform diffing: Compare two XlsForms to see what changed. Creates a new form with helpful highlighting.

Other useful features include tools for the management of geographic identifiers, automated question numbering.

Pmix is free and open source. Installation instructions and documentation can be found on GitHub:


That looks very nifty and useful! Thanks for posting this.