Possible to select_multiple for cascading selects?

Hi all!
I have an issue with cascading selects in my form. Do any of you know whether its possible to have a select_multiple (from external file) option for cascading selects? Or is it only feasible to select one option?

Question 1: How many communities come to X every day?
Answer: 35
Question 2: Do you know which country they come from?
Q3: which city
Q4: which area

For Q4, I would like for enumerators to select all options that apply, so they won't have to go through Q2 and Q3 again for every single of the 35 communities, which come to X every day.

Is that possible with cascading select or do you have any other suggestions? For Q4 I have up to 150 options, so I'm looking to make it as simple and easy-to-read as possible.

Thank you so much in advance!

Hi @dittekleif
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As far as I know doing that with choice_filter as described in Cascading Selects won't work for select_multiple questions if you need to keep your choices in an external csv file. Instead I would recommend using Dynamic selects from pre-loaded data function.
Here is a sample form:
fruitsForm.xlsx (6.2 KB) fruitsData.csv (99 Bytes)