Potential bug ODK central

Hi, I would like to share a bug that I was having with ODK central and also to ask if anybody can confirm this has happened before.

I used XLSoffline to create the xml file, but in some examples that I had googled, the excel file contains three tabs: survey, choices and an extra tab that contains project information. I found that if the project name is not the same as the ODK central project, then ODK central would stop working. Even the sign in wouldn’t work anymore and would require a new installation.

Now I deleted the last tab and just use the first two tabs. All seems to be going well..

so I get it’s logic project names should be same. But perhaps a warning that this is happening and fail to upload form. Then I can readjust. New installations take time.

Hi @J_D, and welcome to the ODK forum!

Could you tell us more about the actions you took immediately before the issue arose? Did you upload the form XML to Central within your web browser? What happened next?

ODK Central does not require that the form reference a project. A project can contain multiple forms, and you can upload the same form to different projects. You shouldn't need to specify the project name in the XLSForm, and as far as I know, there's no designated place in the XLSForm to do so. You mentioned that your XLSForm contained a third tab. Is that the settings tab? Could you tell us more about what project information you entered in that tab and how you entered it? If you're able to, it'd also be helpful if you could attach your XLSForm here.

Finally, when you get a chance, I'd encourage you to introduce yourself here. Doing so helps build community!