Prevent user to continue work on form

Hi, we are using ODK from a few years, it is a great tool, thank you to every one is working on it.

This time we met a new need: if a variable value is X, we have to inform the user and he/she cannot go ahead till he/she change something in the previous given answers.

Is there a way to do that? Actually we just saw this solution: put an acceptance checkbox where the user confirm that is all ok with the situation... but this is not the optimal solution.

Can you please suggest some trick?
thank you very much

Ciao @Angelo_Lazzari1 ,

not really clear to me what is your need.
It looks like you are describing what is the role of constraints in xlsform.

Check the attached example if this is what you ask.

constraint_on_value.xlsx (8.9 KB)

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If I understand what you're asking - I make an element of type "note". If you're developing your forms in xlsx, you can use the "relevant" column to define the condition(s) that would signal something is wrong.

Your note can tell the user what they must change.

And you would set the required to "true". This way the note will appear when something is wrong, and the user will not be able to swipe past it till the condition is corrected.

Here is a simple example.

Of course @aurdipas solution will work as well, and give you a toast notification that something is wrong. I occasionally prefer the note method, especially when there is a longer set of instructions for how to correct a mistake.


@aurdipas (Ciao!!!! :)) and @jwrozelle thank you very much for your help and examples, you helped me a lot!

Take care!!