Printing Filled Forms in ODK

Hello Members,

How can I print out my data after filling the mobile data collection tools. Is it possible for the questions to be printed in their order and the responses for each question.

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Hi @glule

do you want to print data using mobile printer like or what?


I want to print using the office printer. There should be a way of connecting to the office printer which is networked.


ok but in what way? From your mobile device (forms you have on your device), from aggregate or maybe from briefcase?

From the mobile device and aggregate. I saw the widget for launching the printer. Is it the one for printing out the data? or its used for other purposes. printer:org.opendatakit.sensors.ZebraPrinter


It's possible to print data using that widget but only using mobile printers like the one I mentioned and it also doesn't work out of the box - you need to configure that widget to print what you want.
BTW I wanted to improve this part of ODK collect but didn't have time maybe in the future.

It would be good to have a print function in Collect which can work on any printer in office. I was tasked to print out data for the mobile tools i designed as it appears on the data collection tool and I failed. I could only provide the downloaded data which is aggregated.

Thanks for the support.

Ok, you can create a new topic Features and desribe your needs. It's always more valuable request if comes from a real user (I'm only a developer).

You could use your spreadsheet of data and mail merge to create an output for each survey. The linked tutorial is based on addressing the same letter to many different recipients, but the process would be the same for other layouts.

You could also try pasting your data into Google Sheets...


@glule - I have exactly the same requirements as you and am hitting the same dead end.

I don't suppose you raised a feature request in the end? I'd like to add my support for it.