Problem caused by using or_other

Dear All,
Just want to share experience with the problem just encountered while tried to use or_other. since odkmeta will help a lot in generating clean dataset, I tried to use or_other again in XLSForm. however, when I tried to convert a form with or_other, it was constantly reported that "There should be choices for this question". To solve the problem, I examined all the select type questions with purpose to check if one or some of the choice list names are not the same as the one or ones given in the type column of survey sheet but failed to find anything. Accidently, I decided to try to convert question by question. then I found it is the questions with or_other option that caused the problem.
Hence I wonder if the use of or_other has been abandoned. Could anyone tell me if the answer is yes?

Hi Zhang,

I believe, there is no restriction of using or_other. However, if you are using or_other with select_one or multiple, then you need to have a look up options associated with or_other. If you have a look up options with or_other, please check for a typo. For instance, you may have written or _other or Or_other on either end.


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Thanks, Imran. it was really a typo!

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