Problem installing Aggregate v2 on DigitalOcean

HI, dear all.
When creating the droplet, I faced the following problems:
at the step 2 here, I can't see 18.04 x 64 in the drop down list, but rather 18.04.02 x 64 that I've selected.
at the step 7 here, the page at the link "this Cloud-Config script" is unreachable and I am not able to copy the mentioned contents.
I've used your referral link "" to create my DigitalOcean account, but they do not give me $100 of credit and I had to pay $5 before proceeding.
In advance, thanks for your replies.
Kind regards.

Sorry you are having problems, @Amal.

  1. I've updated the docs to show that it could be any of the releases in the 18.04.x series. The docs change is pending.

  2. This is a bad link and I've fixed it. Thanks so much for reporting it. While the docs change is pending, you can use this link.

  3. According to, your credit should have been immediate after you added a payment method. Please open a support ticket with DO at Let me once you have a resolution so we can update the docs if necessary.

@yanokwa, thanks for your reply and suggestions.
2) The second link for the cloud-config script works well.
3) After I opened a support ticket, the DO team replied and manually added the $100 credits on my billing account.
Thanks, again.