Problem integrating GPS point data with map visualization

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we are working as third party monitoring team, we are monitoring 9 programs, we use ODK collect integrated with google sheet, this form can take gps coordinates and we visualize these location by google map (online for donor), so, when we visit a site, then we should manually add each point to the google map, this issue is most time consuming, hence, i want to find a way to send this coordinate from my data collection form, directly to the map, is it possible, or, can we use any other application instead of google map?
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If it's public data you could use Tabletop.js, Leaflet, and GitHub Pages. An example of that setup is

A paid option with the ability to restrict access would be a Carto account. Your map can integrate with a variety of data sources (including Google sheets). Tableau likely also provides access controls and the integrations you need.


In his post Open Data Kit Pilots in LSGD-Kerala, India @mistcrrgpsa shared a great Google Map at @mistcrrgpsa is that auto-generated from your data?

You may also want to try some of the suggestions at

@danbjoseph is so cool! And of course I love that the source is available from for others to learn from. One quick off-topic suggestion that you may be interested in is to include a QR code for Collect configuration instead of or in addition to instructions. You can set up a device with your server settings and desired image size ( and then from Admin Settings > Import/export settings, use the share icon at the top right to email/text the QR code to yourself. It can then be embedded in documentation so someone can scan it and be ready to go.

@LN Thanks for the comments.

The map has been created using Google My Maps and the csv exported from
Aggregate Server.
Little modification need to be done to assign the images to the ballon as
Its not taking the csv image field as the Image for the Ballon.

Thanks & Regards,Anup Krishna P,Specialist MIS,State Program Management
Unit(SPMU),Rasthriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (RGSA),Local Self Government
Department,Govt. of KeralaPh: 94960 46910

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