Problem of autofilling with choose one and multiple choice question on Collect

Once on odk collect for the choose one question type only the first answer is selected in the finalized form and for the multiple choice all the answer are selected in the finalized form.How can i solve that problem?

not sure I understand correctly. Do you mean that in the final data, there is wrong answers chosen? Or you want something pre-selected?

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Hi thanks for your answer
Here few info.
Once i have answered the choose one question type ,(lets say with 3
different choices) i swap to next one,then if i swap back all the different
choices are selected and in the finalized form, only the first choice
appears (which is not necessarily the one i had choosen).It is the same
with the multiple choice question type.
Hope it helps you to understand...

okay that helps. For us to help you better, could you upload the file for us, so we can have a look at it?

hi @Marc_DELRIEU,
if i get you right, when you have a list of answer options and you choose the first answer and move forward and come back to the same answer all the options will be marked as selected meanwhile you selected only one answer there. if this is what you bean for both the single and multiple select questions. the problem is from you choice sheet.

What is the problem?
you have giving the same code to all the answer options in your choice sheet

in the above table you released that the name codes for male and female is 1 for both which is not supposed to be so, when you leave it this way that is what create your problem

How to solve the problem
go to the choice sheet and make sure that all the answer options have a unique code in the name column.

1 for Male
2 for Female

Try this and let us know whether you problem is resolve.


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