Problem with cascading

hello, thank you very much for taking care of my question, it is very important for me, if I understood correctly, I think that's it .. when I download the ODKBuild form (online) which is where I build my forms, but how it is a little limited I have to switch to XLSForm to be able to add more things, however when I export the XLSForm generated in BUILDOnline the cascading options do not appear..

I noticed that the solution you informed in the link is just to set up the form via XML, how would I do this way? would I have to download the XML Form generated even with an error and then open it and edit it manually by notepad?

I would have one more doubt when I put the syntax that repeats the answer from the previous form is not working either...

I'm not able to upload my file here .. can I send it to you by email?

Hi @BrunoAngelo !
Let's narrow down the problem.
Can you replicate this problem in a very small form with just the involved fields? You probably won't need tens of options, three or so would be enough to start with.
I understand you build forms in ODK Build - if that's the case, can you attach the .odkbuild save file here?