Problem with data sent

I am Still Using the ODK Aggregate server on my local machine.
So now problem is happened, when data collectors send the data from ODK collect that is not successfully uphold the submersion but on the server side the data is repeatedly inserted. I have three tables like (core, parent, person).so some records are not inserted to the core table but to the other tables there is data duplication. please I need support. if no support for ODK Aggregate. how I can install ODK Central on my local server.
thank you!

Hi @Limat, I think you know that Aggregate is no more supported.

The database structure you describe is normal.
Imagine a form to inventory house of a village and people living in.
I will define my form as village description at the beginning of the form, a repeat for houses, containing itself a repeat for people living in each house.

Aggregate will show you a "core" table, a "houses" table and a "person" table
Person lines refer to houses lines (person."PARENT_AURI" = houses."_URI")
And houses lines refer to core lines (houses."PARENT_AURI" = core."_URI")

Thank you for your response,
as you mentioned the query condition for the tables relationship keys ("PARENT_AURI" and "_URI"). I also used same scenario to join the tables but the problem is no corresponding _URI" in the core table because data is not inserted to the core table, when data collectors tray send the collected data.

I understand.
So I do not know what the problem can be.