Problem with date and time in xls

Dear users!
i have a column with type (start) name (observationdate), i want only dd/mm/yy format to be submitted to my database, but it send it in yyyy/mm/dd format, and beside, it send the time too, i want to have only date, no time, what should i do for this purpose.
thanks in advance.

You can edit time in your analysis software. Which software are you using for data cleaning?


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thank you mr.imran, we integreated ODK with google sheet, it submit data to my sheet, and when i select date format (day/month/year) the cell do not accept it, because there is time together in the "date" cell, i wanted to arrange my form to submit only date, and the date should by in (day/month/year) format.
it would be better if we could do so.

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As you are using google spreadsheet you can use trim method and below is link which will help you to do operations on google sheet. Below is link:

It's related to Data Management.


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@iamnarendrasingh is correct that you could format the date/time as a post-processing step.

If you only want the date, I would encourage you to use type today instead of start. See for more.

You should then be able to format the date in Google Sheets or alternatively you could introduce a hidden field ("calculate") with a formatted date:

|   type    |      name       | label |          calculation           |
| today     | today           |       |                                |
| calculate | today-formatted |       | format-date(today, "%e/%n/%Y") |

For more about formatting dates, see