Problem with “last saved” when a question “select_one” has “autocomplete” appearance

I have a problem with my questionnaire.
I put the autocomplete and search function to search for the names of the villages in an external file according to the communes. But I have errors when I deploy the questionnaire. I can't get what I want.
Here is the external file and my coding.
Can someone help me to find a solution.
sample_alt.csv (484 Bytes)
test_fichier_externe.xlsx (13.5 KB)

Hi Nasser,

I am not sure exactly what you are aiming for as you have 3 methods of filtering choices on one question in the form (autrelocalite). Is it as simple as just removing the "search" function and keeping the "autocomplete" appearance?

Currently you have:

  • choice_filter which limits to a specific commune and I guess is working OK
  • autocomplete appearance which further filters the list as the user types in the initial letters
  • search function based on fields that dont seem to exist in your form. Not sure what this is for

Hope this is useful. If it is more complicated than I have understood feel free to let me know and I will try again (English or French is ok).

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Indeed, as the user enters the department, the communes linked to this department appear.

Why I make an external file?
It happens that sites are changed once the survey has started. I have already deployed the questionnaire and I don't want to delete and add villages and deploy again.
This led me to make a first cascade in the choice sheet that the interviewers can choose if the village is accessible otherwise they use another village from the external file.
Both files have the same configuration.

I don't know if I explained the logic behind my approach.

The questionnaire is in French

Yes the external file is not a problem at all.

I dont see why you need the search function though. It might be worth making the appearance simply "autocomplete" and testing the result