Problem with my test form

Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance to those who will help me. I have a problem with my form
Test.xlsx (182.7 KB)
: from line 38, I receive an error message in the application. What I want is to be able, at the end of my collection, to summarize the data for each farmer with the total number of bags, the total weight and the total amount to pay.

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Welcome @jlramaha,
A sum function needs to be outside the (corresponding) repeat, see

Hint: There is also a problem with incomplete language definitions:

"The following language declarations do not contain valid machine-readable codes: Français, Malagasy. Learn more:"

You should add the 2-letter codes, please, e.g. ::Français (fr)

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Thank you for this advice, it was useful to improve my form. However, I may not have been very clear about my needs.
Formulaire achat.xlsx (193.2 KB)
I would have liked to obtain a summary of the sales of each of our farmers at the end of a campaign, using the 'code_fermier' or 'code_ramasseur', as well as the 'nb_sac' and 'poids'. This is why there is the group repeat between lines 41 and 48.

Thanks very for those who can help !!!